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  • Process
  • The scope of this technical committee is limited to creating a technical specification of the channels, messages, behaviours and other technical details of what is needed to enable interoperability between map widgets and other non-map widgets.

    Note that the 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 series of the CMAPI specification were targeted to the Ozone Widget Framework (OWF). Not that it was necessarily limited to OWF, but that there was no care taken to ensure that it was usable outside of OWF. Version 1.3 was carefully gone through to ensure that any OWF dependencies (whether explicit or implicit) were removed and that the specification is applicable to all browser-based widgets (e.g., HTML5 based widgets)

    The criteria for promulgating a new version of the specification includes:
    1. A submission of the JSON Schema for new channels, or updated JSON schema for changes to an existing channel
    2. Agreement via informal voting that the specification is technically complete, and sufficiently stable for implementation - at which time the specification will be moved to "Release Candidate"
    3. At least two implementations of the specification showing interoperability
    4. Agreement via formal voting that the specification is sufficiently complete, with at least 75% of the technical committee voting for approval

    Meeting Mechanisms and Frequency

    The technical committee will meet on the first and third Thursday of every month, from 1-3 Eastern Time via dial-in. Dial-in information and agenda are sent to the CMAPI mailing list prior to each meeting.

    Communication Mechanisms

    Outside of the regular meetings, updates, meeting notices, and regular collaboration are expected to occur via email at This allows communications to be open and to be recorded for those who might join the group later.

    Technical Committee Members

    Bi-weekly dial-ins are expected to be no more that two hours in length. Members are expected to participate in the bi-weekly dial-ins and to review materials sent out via the group mailing list.


    The role of editor is currently limited to 3 members of the technical committee. Editors are expected to perform the following functions
    1. Lead, and capture minutes from, the bi-weekly dial-ins
    2. Make updates to the specification based on Technical Committee input
    3. Send notifications to the group mailing list as updates are accomplished and ready for TC review

    Voting and Participation Rules

    In order to be able to formerly vote on the specification, a member of the technical committee must regularly attend the TC meetings, and actively participate in the email collaboration. Informal voting will be done on portions of the specification as those portions are completed, and when the specification is ready to be moved to "Release Candidate". A Formal vote on the overall specification will be taken when the editors consider all the criteria for promulgating a new version are complete. Note that voting on the specification applies only to the technical details of the specification itself, and does NOT imply any commitment to implement the specification.

    Anticipated Audience

    This specification is targeted for widget developers, and developers of libraries to be re-used by widget developers.