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  • Overview
  • CMAPI was originally developed to codify a reusable messaging specification for use in the Ozone Widget Framework (OWF) and leveraging the OWF pub/sub mechanism. As CMAPI has matured, it has begun focusing on environment/runtime flexibility. Because CMAPI uses channel based pub/sub, which is a well established concept, the channels and data messages can be used in any environment where the pub/sub messaging model is supported.
  • OWF
  • When using CMAPI in the Ozone Widget Framework it is recommended that widgets be developed according to the OWF widget developer's documentation included in the OWF distributions.
  • HTML Messaging
  • HTML messaging provides a communication protocol between applications (widgets) running in separate browser windows, and provides a means to implement CMAPI outside of OWF. Although this has been proven in pilot implementations, there are currently no known production-ready HTML5 implementations of CMAPI. Those pilots that have been developed may be made available to the community in the future.
  • Services
  • CMAPI can also be used as a way to send messages between a service and a client, or between two services. This setup could be leveraged to accomplish multi-user collaboration between users in separate locations.