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pub/sub messaging for fantastic geospatial mashups

Pub/sub messaging for fantastic geospatial mashups

  • Purpose
  • Many organizations have a need to present data from multiple sources on a unified map.

    The Common Map API (CMAPI) provides a standardized approach for web applications from multiple organizations to visualize and interact with data on a common view without compromising application encapsulation and portability.
  • To develop and codify a common API between data widgets and map widgets that will enable data widgets from any program to interoperate with map widgets from any program.
  • The CMAPI specification is targeted at groups who need to ensure their data widgets interoperate with other vendor's map widgets, and for vendors who desire to build map widgets that can interoperate with other vendor's data widgets.

    In many cases an organization acquires multiple applications with different requirements, but the organization needs the various applications to work together. In some cases, that interoperability is on the server side, but it is becoming increasingly common for the integrations to occur inside the browser (i.e., on the client side) via interwidget or interwindow communications.

    CMAPI enables "out of the box" interoperability of widgets where part of the widget workflow is allowing the user to interact with data on a common geospatial display (i.e., a common map widget).